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Past Membership Renewal/Gate Change

Members not renewed for Sept2017-Aug2018

will be required to either reapply or present your case to the Executive Board

Note: Your old gate code will not work after August 29th if you have not renewed.

Contact a member of the board if you feel you should have the code(Bond Holder, LifeMembers)

NOAAWIVA Top Gun Competition

Members are invited to participate in the Top Gun events starting September 1st, 2017. You will be required to shoot 5 disciplines: Silhouette (22rimfire), Bullseye Pistol, High Power Rifle, Shotgun(Clays) and IDPA.  You will have 12 months to complete these events for a final score and bragging rights to NOAAWIVA Top Gun!  More information and rules will be forth coming.  Contact Carter Miller if interested in participating or helping with the individual events.

Check here for the latest information on range safety, education and new events.

Members Range Safety Briefing




April 2, 2020

No events scheduled for today!